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29 April 2007

...of checking out hospital facilities

Yesterday, i had the chance to go to Medical City to check out their delivery room, lamaze room, and birthing suite. For months now, i have been thinking which room i should avail. Of course, the price is also to be considered. My OB told me to prepare a budget of more or less Php 100K, that's inclusive of everything. A rate that's a bit close to Asian Hospital where i originally wanted to give birth but it's not practical since i'm from Makati. Makati Medical Center was not much of an option for me because i don't like their building/ facilities anymore, it didn't look like it's an expensive hospital, the place got a bit dirty. That's why i opted for Medical City since i had a good stay there last year when i got into a terrible car accident.

The normal delivery room is no longer an option for me because i don't wanna give birth alone! It's enough that my husband is not around when i deliver but that's no reason why i shouldn't be accompanied. I want my mom and my family to be with me during labor and delivery.

I checked out the Lamaze room wherein i'm allowed just one companion. But i would also need someone to take pictures of me during the most unglamorous look i have. ^_^ Plus, it's quite unfair that while im having labor in the Lamaze room, i'm required to pay for another room which i will only get to use after my recovery (meaning to wait for the anesthesia to die down). That's just impractical!

When i went to the birthing suite, i liked it the moment i stepped in. At least there, i won't have to transfer rooms. No need to be in a labor room, then to delivery room, then to recovery room, then to post-recovery room. It turns out to be reasonable thinking about the convenience it would give me plus my whole family can stay with me during labor and delivery.. not that i want them to see me with my legs wide out in the open. ^_^ Just the assurance that they're very close to me, that matters a lot to me.

With that said, i think i'm gonna go for the birthing suite.

But i have a game plan in mind.. After spending a day in the birthing suite, hopefully within 24 hours i'm done with labor and delivery, i will transfer to a private post-recovery room where i will accept visitors and stay there for two more days. ^_^

I still have to check if my doctors' professional fee will increase once i get the birthing suite. You know how private hospital's are.. the better the room you are in, the higher the procedure/hospital rates get. Even the medicines are priced differently. Sheesh!

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