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25 April 2007

...of wanting a Maclaren stroller

Since i got pregnant, i have always thought of what stroller i should purchase for my cute bundle of joy. Well, there's Graco, Chicco, Baby 1st (for a cheaper version)... but i told myself i would really invest on a durable and at the same time "fashionable" stroller. So i roamed around malls to check for the latest in strollers since i don't have much time to browse the web because of my work.

My husband and I went to High Street one day and went in to Hobbes and Landes. When we went in, my jaws dropped when i saw the stroller i want! I saw various UK brands like Peg-Perego, Quinny, and Maclaren. They are so expensive but oh-so fashionable and durable. Add to that, it' not China-made. That's something new these days. Finally, a product not from China.

And so, i started googling the three brands and found that Maclaren is most practical, most user-friendly, most baby-friendly among others.

I am so wanting Maclaren Techno XT or Techno XLR, each worth roughly around Php 15,000. Quite pricey for a stroller when you can buy one for as low as Php 2,500. But i don't care, i will definitely purchase one.
Mood: Excited and Hopeful

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