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14 May 2007

...of being jealous

A new good friend of mine who's also pregnant (we conceived on the same week/day) greeted me yesterday for Mother's day. So i replied saying Happy Expectant Mother's Day to us. I was so surprised when she replied saying she gace birth already. When i read her text, i got really jealous and sad. She was the only pregnant person who i know and coincidentally, we have the same EDD (expected date of delivery).

I was happy for her but i was too sad to actually congratulate her and ask her how her CS delivery had been. I got too anxious to deliver my baby that i wanted to do what she did to somehow induce her labor. I wanted to have a foot spa in hopes that the therapist would trigger points in my foot to induce my labor but no spa would admit me! I'm getting really frustrated!

I am so jealous of her... in a good way of course.

I hope i'd soon be feeling the happiness she's going through.

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