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02 May 2007

...of being the luckiest girl in the world and having the best husband!

Last April 29 was probably one of the happiest, if not the happiest, moments of my married life. I felt like i was so loved by my dear husband.

I was looking into my mom's inbox in her mobile and accidentally saw a text from Norvz, my husband. Out of curiosity, i opened it and was close to tears after reading it.

The original text was in Tagalog and it said "Mi, how are you? I'm here in Turkey but on our way back to Italy already. Mi, i leave Lil in your good hands since she's gonna give birth very soon. If ever there's a problem, which i hope there won't be any, please prioritize Lil's safety. I'd prioritize Lil over the baby. Not that i don't care about the baby but of course, having a wife is a different thing. Thank you!"

I never thought he'd think that way, lest say that to my mom! I was super touched by it!

Either Norvz or my Mom told me about this text exchange they had and i never bothered to ask. But still, i'm so.. glad about this.

I feel very much loved. I'm really happy that i have him for my husband!

Mood: Inspired!

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