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11 May 2007

...of Globe and Smart roaming services

Aahhh!!! They're getting off nerves!
First, the pros. Globe offers better roaming services than Smart because they have wider worldwide coverage plus the customer service is better. Like, if you want to inquire about the roamer's balance, you may do so hassle-free via their customer service hotline. With Smart, they don't have voice roaming capability, it's a different service that you will have to apply for separately. And why in the first place would you enable it when they don't have as much roaming partners as that of Globe's

Last week, i have been encountering really irritating experiences with Globe. Whenever i'd send load to my husband's roaming number, he would actually receive a confirmation message but the load won't be credited to his account. I know because i have the habit of calling up the hotline from time to time so i can trace if Globe is deducting the rightful amount. From May 3 up to now, a total of Php 500 has been deducted from his account for some reason we both don't know. I've filed numerous reports already and they have only been able to refund just Php 50! I have been the perfect example of an irate caller. I have noticed that their CSRs won't take you seriously if you don't show how mad you are. Too bad i have no other choice but to keep sending him load or else we wouldn't have any form of communication.

The thing with Smart is they have the POOREST customer service!! Their agents are stupid and couldn't even speak in straight English. They make you wait for the longest time. They don't even have a system to check the roamer's load. That said, how would one be able to find out if they accurately deduct one's load? PLUS, the agents they have are B-A-S-T-O-S! Super rude! They don't have respect for their customers! Most likely because the target market of Smart are the marginalized people! Those who really don't care if they are being treated well.

I have also thought about going postpaid but the problem with Globe postpaid is they charge way higher than with prepaid. That's what makes it so impractical.

We're stuck with two of the biggest network providers in the country. Two of the worst service providers in the country!