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09 May 2007

...of going ga-ga over a web game

Ha! Out of boredom and madness over my much-awaited childbirth, i browsed some MSN games to get my mind off it. Too bad, my PC here in the office doesn't have ActiveX Control so i had to transfer to Yahoo! games which uses Java.

So i found this cute and addicting game.. it's called Cubis. Ang cute niya coz the blocks look like Jell-O with various colors! Yummy! Hehe.. makes me want to grab some Jell-O! Check it out yourself!

I think i'm gonna be hooked to this game for some time while i'm counting my days 'til i give birth. Sana 'di ako mahuli dito sa office. Hee-Hee..

Oh well, i got to go back to my game!

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