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15 May 2007

...of having my 5th internal exam

Last Thursday, i had an internal exam for the nth and sadly i was still 1cm. And that made me super sad. I was supposed to have another checkup last Saturday but i chose not to coz i thought i'll just get disappointed.

So today, i went to my OB for another checkup. Before going in, i really prepared myself with the worst. I didn't expect for anything. I didn't want to think of how my check up would go. Although, at the back of my mind, there's this little persisting thought that maybe i'd give birth tonight (goodluck!)

So there i was on the bed witthout my panties and legs wide open waiting for my OB's fingers to get inside me. :)
To my surprise, i was 2cm already and my Ob's fingers had blood! I was so ecstatic! Well, actually, up until now.
She said i'd probably give birth on Thursday or Friday. But something tells me again not to expect, i don't wanna get burned anymore.

I'll just keep praying and hoping that i'd really give birth on Thursday.

It's for me and my baby's sake anyway. The longer she stays in my womb, the greater the risks of undergoing CS and other delivery risks.

Mood: Hopeful and Excited

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