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10 May 2007

...of having my nth ultrasound, 3rd BioPhysical Profile, 4th Internal Exam

Today, i went to my OB's clinic in Park Square, Makati City to undergo a routine check up. I wasn't as excited as before because aside from not being able to give birth on my desired date (May 8), i had to wait for 6 hours for my turn. It was so irritating that i admit i really lost my patience with one of her secretaries.

So after hours of waiting and walking the whole stretch of Glorietta and Greenbelt, i finally had my turn. I actually thought that maybe it would help develop my CM. So there, i took off my panties and lay there with 3 OBs around me. She put lubricant on my tummy and started with the BioPhysical Profile. Before, i thought that BPP/BPS is only for high-risk pregnancies, oh well.

My actual gestational age is 38 weeks and 2 days. My 40th week or my expected date of delivery is May 22. But according to the profile made, the ultrasonic age of my little angel is 36 weeks and 2 days. That is a super yipee for me! At least the chances of giving birth via C-section is decreased.. although ultrasound results are not that accurate, it can go higher or lower. I asked about the length of the baby.. Haha!

Given that according to the profile, the baby is just 36weeks 2 days, the lenght of her legs is.. guess.. the length of her legs is that of a 39week-fetus! She is long! She's tall! Yipee! I hope that holds true when she comes out. Now, i'm getting excited again to see my baby!

So on to the internal exam. My first IE was during my 35th week, last April 18, i was 2cm already at that time and was having premature labor. A week after, i was back to 1cm, 5 days after of walking and walking and walking, i was still 1cm. Two days after of walking and walking, today, 1cm still.

My legs have more defined muscles now, i guess, because of walking.. i'm getting frustrated that i haven't even progressed.

How much longer will i wait? I'm running out of maternity clothes too wear because i'm getting bigger everyday and i can't wait to shop for clothes a non-pregnant woman would wear. Why now? Now that i am so loving the Spring/Summer collection of Mango. I can't wait to start getting back to my pre-pregnancy figure.

Oh, Monica Marielle... please come out...

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