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04 May 2007

...of having a routine check-up

I had my check up today and to my dismay, i still wouldn't be giving birth in a week's time. By then, I'd be on my 38th week! Grr! If not for that bedrest, i would have given birth last week or probably anytime this week.

But a potential problem was raised to me during my conversation wth my OB. There is a 30% possibility that i'd deliver by C-section. (Please, God, NO!)
My prepregnancy weight was 100 lbs., i'm on my 37th week and i'm a whopping 140 lbs! The things is, i don't look fat at all! So all the weight i've gained went to the ff:
  • increased blood volume
  • breasts and the milk
  • enlarged uterus
  • amniotic fluid
  • body fat; and
  • the BABY!

My baby is a candidate for the 7lb-er group! And me, having a svelte body (ehem ^_^), i might not be able to deliver or have the capacity to let out a big, bouncing baby girl!

Please wish me luck! I want to experience all the pain and the drama of undergoing normal delivery! Haha. :)

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