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11 May 2007

...of semi-shopping for books

Since i got pregnant, i found myself visiting bookstores more often. I feel like i became so obsessive-compulsive of being able to nurture my baby and to take care of her during the first few years up to the toddler age.

I would always look for parenting books and end up buying them. They're quite expensive actually and i have a lot of books in my bedside table that i don't end up finishing them. Maybe i just feel safe and secure having them around because i can always look into it if ever i'd have problems.

Anyway, i have 2 latest acquisitions from PowerBooks.

First is, Bestfeeding (How to Breastfeed Your Baby). it informs new mothers on the proper way and techniques of breastfeeding to make it really comfortable and effective for both the mother and the baby. This book has been recommended by La Leche League International , an online resource for breastfeeding mothers.

"Mothers will find precisely the information they need to help their babies grow and thrive—physically and emotionally—as a result of breastfeeding. This book answers all questions a new mother may have, and it is fully illustrated with dozens of helpful photos and drawings that demonstrate all the do's and don’ts of breastfeeding. In addition to the basics, mothers will find tried-and-true solutions to both common and more unusual problems, as well as remedies for babies with special needs. With its sensitive and informed advice, Bestfeeding is a supportive reminder of what women have always known: that breastfeeding is, quite simply, the best way to nourish a baby."

Next is a book by Dr. William Sears. Sounds familiar? He's the Dr. Sears in This book talks about how you can develop a lasting bond to your child even at an early age. It was derived from the attachment theory of Developmental Psychology wherein it supports that if you are able to create effective bond with your newborn, it can go on until your child is old enough to be independent. It promotes good relationship between parent and child.
I haven't started to read any of these but i hope to finish it before i give birth.

1 comment:

dharmadreams said...

Hey you have these books?! What have you learned?! Hehe.

I think Im an attached parent ;)

See you on Saturday ok! I want to meet little Monica!!!