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16 May 2007

...of trying to induce labor

Today, i have a goal of inducing my labor. Haha.. I really cannot wait to see my baby face to face. I can't wait to hold her in my arms.

First stop: Let's Face It Facial and Body Services. I inquired about their foot spa services but unfortunately, they don't wanna admit me because i'm pregnant and they are scared that they might induce my labor. Well, that's what i want to happen!!! I tried to talk to them and convince them that my OB wants me to give birth already but of course they're just doing their jobs. The ending? No foot spa or foot massage was done. :-(

Second stop: Walking the stretch of Serendra City Center to Bonifacio High Street. After work, i was able to convince my workmates to walk with me at around 1am and maybe have coffee when we reach the end of High Street. Too bad it was closed already. As if the walk wasn't enough, we decided to walk straight to McDonald's in 32nd Street, the one right across S&R. The walk didn't tire me at all and i wanted to go even farther but thought it was unfair for them already. When we got to Mc Donald's i had a milkshake and fries treat for myself. It was delicious! A perfect nightcap.

After having walked for several kilometers, i still didn't feel any pains.. not even false labor!

My baby is so attached to me. She really has to let go or else both os us will be in danger.

Anyway, here's a 3d picture of my baby.

This is her at 23 weeks and 5 days.
Taken January 29, 2007

Here she is at 31 weeks ++

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Beth Kiley said...

For me what worked when I was searching for how to induce labor, was labor acupressure. For one thing, it seemed like the most relaxing of all the choices and I think it really worked in getting things going. I went into labor around 24 hours after my midwife performed the technique on me.