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18 May 2007

...of being officially on labor!

After being picked up by my sister from work, we went straight to McDonalds's along 32nd St. in The Fort to grab some food. I thought it would be my last meal before giving birth so i ordered plain double cheeseburger and large fries. Yummy!

A more detailed transcription of my experience:

Around 1 aM
While eating, i decided to upload the photos and videos stored in our cameras just in case this is really D day.

2 aM
My bump still feels hard and i'm experiencing menstrual-like cramps. My sister and my Mom's urging me to go to the hospital right away because i'm definitely having contractions. Having experienced premature labor at 35 weeks and being antsy to give birth the past weeks, i was somehow in denial that i could actually be in labor. In my head, i knew i was on labor but i refused to believe because i was scared that i could be wrong . I wanted for this moment to arrive for the longest time and i wanted to be sure that this was the real thing.

215 AM
I started packing my stuff just in case we'd head head straight to the hospital.

230 AM
My sister's forcing me to get inside the car and leave because she's been counting my contractions. I've been having 10-minute intervals but i really feel no pain at all! The cramps were really tolerable. I asked for a few more minutes just to be sure of what i was feeling.

240 AM
We got in the car and headed to The Medical City. Up to this moment, i'm still not convinced that im actually on labor. Here's a picture of me inside the car.

3 AM

We went straight to the 5th level of the Nursing Tower and i walked! Totally opposite of the movie scenes wherein a pregnanat woman on labor is on a wheelchair being rushed to the Labor Area. I headed to the nursing station and showed my admitting papers with a smile on my face and a little bit of hesitation.

315 AM

Now in the Pre-Labor Room, i was strapped with 2 belts. One to time contractions which tightens everytime and another to check my baby's heartbeat. I was also attached to a Dynamap to automatically check my blood pressure. Right after that, i was IEd at 3cm then of course, i was asked about my personal details.

330 AM

I was told that i've been having contractions every minute and they're very strong. It just so happened that i have a high threshold for pain. I started texting my friends and my in-laws about my condition. And i updated my husband as well, of course.

4 AM

My OB and the anesthesiologist visited me and checked my condition. My OB was very happy to see me there, i could tell and she advised me to proceed to the Labor Room and wait for her signal for me to transfer to the birthing suite. We had to be sure that i'll have a normal and safe delivery or else i will be charged double for the suite and for Operating Room if ever i go Caesarean.

415 AM

I was given laxative in the form of Fleet Enema. This one i really hate because i feel demoralized having someone insert something up your anus and pump it. Eek! Major bowel movement in 5 minutes!

445 AM

Straight from the CR feeling clean and relieved, confident that i won't be pushing anything other than my baby later. ^_^ It's gonna be humiliating if something pops out from down there while giving birth, right?

5 AM

Getting ready to be transferred to the Labor Room where mobile phones are prohibited! Even my Havaianas! So i entrusted my mobile to my sister and asked her to update my husband from time to time. One thing bad about this is that i won't be able to see any member of my family while i'm on labor. But i don't have much of a choice because my OB has to make sure if i can deliver my baby normally. I can't wait to be transferred to the Birthing Suite! I want and I need my family with me.

530 AM

Now in the Labor Room, i was again attached to the two straps and a Dinamap. I was then injected with an IV where all medications will be inserted and of course i was attached to a dextrose already. I was given my first dose of Buscopan to help my cervix thin out. I was then IEd by another midwife. This midwife/ intern was thin and small yet her fingers really hurt me! She wasn't careful and gentle unlike my OB. I was too sleepy by this time so i curled up to my left to lessen the tolerable pain i'm experiencing from contractions. A nurse was at my side to regularly check my vitals and to list down my contractions.

645 AM

Still in the Labor Room, woke up to be IEd again. Still at 3cm. I went back to sleep because i thought i'll be needing A LOT of energy later.

8 AM

Nurses woke me up and asked me if i wanted epidural at this time since my contractions are coming really strong. I told them i'm not in too much pain and i didn't feel the need for it. It wasn't uncomfortable. I also didn't like to have a shot of it because i wasn't sure if it was really time or i don't know when i should be given epidural. I wanted to ask my Mom or anyone from my family what to do. My OB wasn't around at this time. They IEd me again, 4cm. Quite slow development since i've been 3cm since 3am. At this point, i was getting scared because i was thinking i'd undergo Caesarean which i'm definitely not prepared for emotionally, mentally, and financially. They started giving me more dosages of Buscopan.

930 AM

I was awaken again by IE. How much more of these do i have to take?! Still at 4cm. I was given an oxygen mask for a reason i don't know. I wasn't able to ask because i was still too sleepy or probably groggy from the medications.

1030 AM

By this time, i was really, really feeling down and alone. I had no one to talk to and i felt like i was alone at this critical moment in my life. I felt powerless over the situation i'm in. I definitely needed my family! I don't even know what's going on outside of the room, like who were the people waiting for me, has my husband texted already, a lot of questions were going on inside my head. Nurses asked me again if i wanted epidural. One intern said it should be administered now. I refused! I told them i had to talk to my Mom first. I had to see her. They told me it's not gonna be possible. But i showed them the stubborn Lil and thought that i could talk to her on the phone.

11 AM

I finally got a chance to talk to my Mom and i was crying because i really needed to hear a fmailiar voice. I told her that nurses have been urging me to take epidural but i wasn't sure and that i'm still at 4cm. I told her that i want to be transferred to the Birthing Suite at the soonest possible time so i can be with them. She assured me that she'll talk to my OB.

1130 AM

My OB and the anesthesiologist visited me and asked how i was. My ever-gentle OB IEd me. To our surprise, my cervix dilated to 6cm already! When i saw them, i instantly cried. I'm not sure what i felt that time aside from feeling safe knowing my OB's there in the area already. She then instructed the nurses that I be transferred to the Birthing Suite ASAP. The anesthesiologist was kind and asked how i was and she gave me praises because she couldn't believe i can get through my labor at this point without epidural. She was so motherly as she stroked my hair and assured me that they'll take care of me every step of the way. At this point, i felt light instantly!

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