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17 May 2007

...of possible contractions!?!

It's just been a few hours since meeting with my OB, she gave me hopes that i might be giving birth anytime soon.

Right now, i'm feeling a bit odd. All of a sudden, it was hard for me to walk the way i used to. I had to walk like i've undergone an operation. It takes too long for me to get from Point A to Point B. Next oddity, my tummy seems to be at its most pointed state. It seems like everything is bunched up in the middle. Next one, it looks like my tummy dropped significantly! Last oddity, my bump feels so hard! Really hard. And it's hard for me to move around even if i just have to lean forward or to stand up from my chair.

At 11:30 pm, i had a small serving of pasta thinking that might be my last meal.
Still feeling weird, i decided to call home and asked to be picked up from the office by 12mn.

I didn't know there were more sensations in store for me!

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