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08 July 2007

Boon... i like!

While surfing the net, reading blogs, and clicking on linked sites, i stumbled upon this website with great bath products for kids. It's called Boon.

The goodies are designed to benfit both kids and parents. Plus the designs are very contemporary and ergonomical. It will be a surefire eye-candy for your baby/kid.

They only have a few products but they're all too good, too sweet, i can't pick one favorite. I know it's a luxury to have but IF i had the money, why won't i spend it?!

Here's some of the cute products they offer. (Images from the Boon site)

This product is detachable, you can separate all the segments you see here. From the puzzle pieces (which, by the way, floats!), to the balls and the scrubbies. It makes taking a bath so fun! Again, this is available ONLY in USA. Darn!

Next, a high chair with a very modern design. This could probably make feeding time for tots easier.

Flair Elite as it is aptly named, a high chair that offers a foot brake for moving around, detachable tray, non-absorbent seat, 5-point seatbelt, and height adjustment with just a simple step on a dedicated button on its base. Cool!

So, there you go, two of the juiciest products from Boon!

1 comment:

jencc said...

surprise, but boon's available here!

check out the post in i've seen them in babyland as well. the smaller items lang, though---not the high chair.