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13 July 2007

...of hassle-free sterilization

Three days ago, i went to Market! Market! with no plans of buying, i went there just to stroll and have a different view aside from the corners of my bedroom.

Being the mother that i am, i went to the kids' department with no intention of buying, just looking for new stuff. This changed when i chanced upon the Chicco area.

I saw this wonder product which claims you won't ever sterilize, steam, rather the bottles and teats of the baby. All one has to do is to dilute the solution with water, let the bottles stay submerged for 30 minutes, and you're DONE!

I am exlusively breastfeeding as of the moment but since i'll soon be working (ugh!), i'd have to pump my milk and feed her via bottle instead so i'll really make use of this. Especially that i'm not a fan of using salt to clean feeding bottles. There is no known benefit for using sodim chloride, it's very old-fashioned, plus it would only cause scratches on her bottles and it would cease to be crystal clear in time. My baby's bottles are darn expensive! They're Avent!
Next on my list is an electric breast pump since i don't have the luxury of time in the office. I don't know what brand to buy. I can choose not to buy Avent and would have to transfer the expressed milk everytime. More than the price, i'd like to know what brand hurts less, especially it's electric, meaning, it will just keep pumping away. OUCH!
Need help.

1 comment:

dharmadreams said...

my aunt loaned me an electric medela --- hassle free pump :)