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20 July 2007

...of on the look-out for new books

i need a light read...

For the past years especially since getting pregnant, i've been reading books in philosophy, spirituality, psychology, parenting, motherhood, and baby-related ones. I think I am suffering from information overload. I am such a bookworm. I am the type who'd rather sit down and read than watch TV. Thank God I still have a 20/20 vision! Although i must say, it's been my lifelong dream to wear specs. Haha. How weird!

Ever since i was a child, like 4 0r 5 years old maybe, I already fancy reading books. Funny as it may sound, but i would choose Noli Me Tangere over Barbie dolls. Why Noli Me Tangere? It was the only book i could find at home. When my mom was finally convinced that i was really into books, that's the time she bought lots and lots!

Going back... I am thinking of buying the Shopaholic series. I have never picked up any of Kinsella's books although they were selling like hotcakes when it was first released.

I wonder when i will be able to visit the mall again...

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