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31 July 2007

Reality will soon bite me

In less than 6 days, i would have to go back to work. I would return to my stressful job in a call center. I'll be conducting interviews again for 8 hours in batches of 10 every hour (whew!). I'll be evaluating applicants again and will break their hearts once i tell them they didn't make it.

Of course, there are days of the week that i will have to conduct job offers and orient them about the company. There's also that part wherein i would have to be"chummies" and/or work with my clients-- very demanding clients and unrealistic goals coupled with unrealistic deadlines due to low-quality of applicants.

Mere thought of it now stresses me. I have a 10am to 7pm job but flexi-time allows me to come in at 12nn but it's very impossible to complete just 8 hours.. that's just for the interviews! I don't know how I'll be able to go through it now that i am a mother. More so that my baby refuses the bottle. I've tried Avent, Playtex, Pigeon, and yes, even the locally made Farlin. Shux!

I don't know how i can get by without my baby around. I know alone time is good for parents, especially mothers but this alone time I'll be having is something permanent unless i RESIGN!

I'd rather take care of my high-need baby and feel drained than to work and be away from my baby.

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