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03 August 2007

Not for the weak

I want to be well-informed about my baby's development so i often surf the Internet on the search for websites dedicated to anything about babies and parenting.

Every mom probably knows about There are very helpful articles, related links, FAQs, Forums, and you can also shop online (as if i can do that). So having read my baby's development at 2 months and 2 weeks, which by the way, is accurate, there's a link on how a c-section is performed.

Until now, i still don't have any idea what the doctors did to me while i was sleeping. I had to be given general anesthesia because i was very anxious and i moved too much at the time of the surgery. Well it's because i attempted to do normal delivery.

So back to the topic, i hesitated to click on it. Why? Because if i'll get pregnant again, i'll deliver via c-section, and would i really want to know what happens? But then again, isn't it that it's also good or advantageous that you are aware of what happens so you'll know what to expect and there are lesser worries, etc. BUT i don't plan on getting pregnant anytime soon. Maybe never! I'm very much happy with my little Monica Marielle and i want to be able to give ONLY the best for her. Besides, my husband and i, we've decided that we won't settle here in Manila. Lesser children, easier and cheaper migration.

Anyway, i clicked on the link and dared to find out what really happened.
During the first 10-15secs, my knees LITERALLY wobbled and i felt goosebumps. I covered my mouth in semi-disgust with eyes wide open.

This video is definitely not for the weak and be sure you've already eaten! ^_^

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