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02 August 2007

The Power of Talk

On one of my web surfing days, i found this site which informs parents that the more they talk to their babies, the higher the IQ of that child.

"Children who heard an average of 30,142 words per day (from birth) had IQ scores up to 149. Generally, the greater the amount of language experience, the higher the IQ."

The site is actually for a product termed as LENA or Language ENvironment Analysis. It's a device that basically counts the word you utter when your with the baby. You just clip it on your baby's clothing and at the end of the day, connect it to your PC and it's dedicated software can actually analyze the communication you had with your baby. Now, how high-tech is that?!

I think this is more of a luxury than a necessity. All a parent should do is to keep talking and bonding with the baby. You don't need a device to sort of require you to talk to your baby. Just keep in mind that early communication with baby increases his/her IQ and promotes attachment.

Here's an image from the site:

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