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05 August 2007


Today is my last day as a (wannabe) Stay-At-Home Mom. I'll be going back to work tomorrow with a heavy heart and a high-need baby.

So, to somehow relieve me from sadness, i went to TopShop since they are on sale. Honestly, it's actually my first time to purchase from the Brit fast fashion brand. For some reason, i find their products quite expensive since they usually offer plain basic tops. As for the jeans, I'd rather go to Mango and Levi's. And today, i decided to swipe (!) and buy some stuff from there.

I haven't uploaded the pictures but soon, i will (if i'm not too busy spending lost time with my little Monica).

But anyway, i bought a purple trapeze dress. You'd look like a doll if you wear it. I don't exactly know where i can don it since it doesn't have "easy access" for breastfeeding.

Second, i bought a green tube jumper. It's a size 10 but I don't mind! I'm a size 6 or 8 in Euro. Alterations Plus is there to help!

Third, i bought a high-waisted flannel pants, more like corset type. I so wated to buy that ever since i was pregnant! I wished my size would still be available once i get back to my prepregnancy figure.

So there goes my shopping adventure for today. Can't wait for the next one!

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