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11 September 2007

Is Migration The Solution?

I just got word that one of my in-laws is migrating to Canada. A very common place for people who dream of entering the US.

So i told my dear husband about it. We are so eager to leave the country in hopes that maybe, once we leave Philippines, we can be together for the rest of our lives (cheesy!). He'll just have to work and maybe i can have a part time job. No need for a babysitter. But sometimes, i start to think, maybe the cost of living is higher in other countries than here in Manila?

What i'm saying is, the salary may be higher in other countries IF you convert it to Philippine Pesos, but since we live there, we'll be spending the same currency / unit. I'm not sure if I'm able to deliver the thought properly.

Being the impulsive guy that he is, he told me to research on how to migrate and where is the best place to go to. I think he's partially decided that we process it by the time he comes home, that's by late November.

So i thought of the most common countries Filipinos go to (aside from US)...

Canada is okay, since they speak good English and since we have relatives there. But maybe too far.

Singapore? Not so, only for people who are knowledgeable in Information Technology, below average English-speaking people. But it's near Philippines.

Australia? If only for the Quiksilver and Roxy, i'd love to live here. But i think there are way too many Filipinos here already.

New Zealand? I love this country. Very green! And good thing is, for every tree that's cut, they replace it with another one. Maybe.

Dubai? I don't think so. Unless i'd want to work in a hotel or in a department store.

Switzerland/ Germany? Hmm, really high cost of living. And hard to enter.

USA? Oh, i would love to be New Yorker! Also Los Angeles. I think everybody does.

It sucks for couples to be away from each other. But i think it's hard to be away from our families also.

It seems like i'm always caught in between nowadays. Or is it just me sweating the small stuff?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i have to agree, living abroad may look like you can save more money because of the amount of salary you earned but because your family stays there, it's just break even. however, im appalled by what you wrote about dubai... not everyone who come here are saleslady or hotelier. just a constructive criticism though, dubai has other opportunities aswell. jobs for engineers, nurses, business graduates are also available here... please don't stereotype dubai for filipino saleslady and bell boys.