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20 September 2007

I've Tried Everything!

When it comes to teaching / helping my baby to feed from the bottle, I can say that I have tried every kind, brand, and form of nipple there is.
I've also tried going out of the room and let someone feed her. Failed!

I've tried the "hunger strike". Failed!

I've tried medicine dropper. Failed!

I've tried cup feeding; she chokes. Failed!
I've tried all kingds of bottle teats; from Avent, Playtex, Pigeon, Farlin, Babyflo, SM Baby Company (would you believe?!), Gerber, Breastflow by The First Years. ALL FAILED!

Here is an Avent Silicone Nipple. I tried Stage 1 and 2.

A generic rubber nipple.

A Mothercare nipple with dimples

A generic orthodontic nipple.

A standard nipple.

Bought the Playtex starter kit when i was still pregnant. She refused VentAire wide silicone nipple.

"Hindi rin umubra ang Avent Sippy Cup"

Breastflow by The First Years with the tagline: Easily alternates with breast Bought this in hopes that she'll like it since the nubbin is short just like mine.
(Did i just reveal something personal?!)
So there, I just showed you a gallery of nipples that failed on my daughter despite the claims!
My Monica is smart! She knows what's best for her! *wink*

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