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26 September 2007

My Nicky is Not Feeling Well

Since Saturday, Monica/Nicky has been coughing so hard that she can't sleep soundly. I decided to just give her water thinking it can help her cough out the phlegm. But it went on until Tuesday, so we went to her pedia the same day.
He checked on Nicky's breathing and i can tell from his face that what he was hearing was NOT good. He even asked me to carry Monica in burp position just to double-check. Nicky was coughing in between. Her cough sound like a dry cough at the same time sounding like the phlegm won't come out. She coughs so hard that she gets all red and teary-eyed.

So he decided to give her medications, there are three (!).
  • Zyrtec in the morning .6mL; this is anti-allergy. Nicky sneezes a LOT! Since the day she was born.
  • Zithromax in the evening 2mL; an antibiotic! My 4-month old baby has to take an antibiotic!
  • Ventolin for the nebulizer 3-4 times a day. We did this and it felt funny, it looked like my baby and i are having a pot session (hehe, Bad Mama!)

All these for 5 days. I feel so bad for my baby. But then again, at least she's not hospitalized. It's good that she takes in the medicines; she doesn't shut her lips from the dropper and she does not puke the antibiotics out.

I'm on leave for Nicky! Yipeedoo!!

1 comment:

BY NATURE said...

i know how you feel, lil! it's really hard to see our babies coughing and having a hard time with their hard, sticky phlegm. both my sons went through that phase, too. with my older son, since we were first-time parents then, i gave him whatever medication his pedia would prescribe. i was very hesitant, though, but had no choice 'coz i didn't want to prolong his suffering. now, i am more familiar with these drugs, i do choose what to give and what not to. when my 2nd son went through the cough-with-phlegm phase, i just nebulized him with saline solution to loosen the phlegm. he got better after a few days. i'm sure my breast milk helped, too :)