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20 September 2007

Proud Mommy

Today, I brought my baby to her pedia in San Antonio Plaza in Forbes Park for an oral vaccine.

I was so hesitant at first because she tends to reflux (!) and the vaccine is worth Php 3500!
By the way, it's for Rotavirus. It's a virus that causes babies to have diarrhea that leads to dehydration. (I hope I'm correct with my research)

So anyway, i'm proud of my baby because she willingly took in the liquid about .50mL. And fortunately, she didn't vomit! My Php3500 is safe. Hehe.

Aside from that, she had her first haircut today (as if she has lots of hair). Dr. Carlos Paguio decided to cut a lock of her that got tangled with a tiny ball of thread. Too bad i wasn't able to take a video or a picture of it. It all happened so fast!

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