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30 September 2007

Wanted: A Pediatrician

I think Nicky needs a new pediatrician.

Her pedia is a guy that holds clinic in Medical City and in San Antonio Plaza in Forbes Park.
Why did i choose him?
  • Simply because he's Nicky's pedia when she was born, so i thought it's best to go for him since he was able to witness / track Monica's development.
  • He is a pediatrician-dermatologist. If ever i would have problems with Nicky's skin.
  • San Antnio Plaza is near our place, like a 15-minute drive.
  • It's by-appointment only; meaning wewouldn't have to wait in line for Nicky's turn
  • He seems nice.
  • He hasn't made Nicky cry, not even if she gets vaccinated.

Why do i want to replace him?

  • Since he gave Nicky three medications, i decided to research on those. My, my, my! I was so surprised and disappointed. I learned that Zithromax shold NOT be given to infants! Link:
  • I need someone who does not rely on drugs to treat illnesses. (Discaimer: Unless needed)
  • He does not entertain inquiries thru his mobile. Last Friday, when Monica started coughing so hard, I texted him and asked for any advice.
  • He replied in a very suplado manner telling me that mobile comunication is for emergency situations only. Well, my baby's situation then was an emergency for me!!!

I'm still thinking of other reasons why i should replace him. In the meantime, i'm still searching for pediatricians. I thought of my sisters' pedias. The first pedia holds clinic in Bayani Road and i'm not too impressed on how she takes care of my two nieces. The second specializes in pedia-pulmonary and has clinics in Makati Med and Asian Hospital. She's actually good, she entertains calls at home no matter what time of day. It's just that she speaks so fast! It's like she's always in a hurry. And she's not by appointment. Makati Med is near our place but i don't think the area is advisable for babies. The corridors are dirty. I can't wait for them to renovate.

So there, Wanted: A pediatician

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