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18 September 2007

What Does my Yaya / Nanny Do?

Lately, I've been thinnking, what does my yaya REALLY do?

While i was on leave, all she had to do was the laundry. That's it!

Now that i'm back to work and i bring my baby to the office (she refuses the bottle). Everytime I'm doing interviews, she watches over my baby inside a room. When I'm done, I go to my baby and be the one to take care of her. Aside from this, she does the laundry, of course.

I'm paying her Php 2,000.

I'm thinking of letting go of her once my husband arrives since we want to be really hands-on with our little one.

With that said, I think i can live without a yaya as long as i stop working. The question is, when will that happen?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it seems she does not do that much, but it seems that at least she enables you to do your work. Make the calculation: what will stop working cost you and what does your yaya cost you. Main question ofcourse: Do you want to stop working. If so, then what is stopping you.