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01 October 2007


Most of the time I feel like getting up, pick up my things, and shout "I RESIGN!!!!"

I am tired of all the stress and pressure in the office. I'm tired of filling up training classes! I'm tired of pretending to be chummies with non-HR people! I'm tired of interviewing people! I'm tired of the corporate world! I'm tired of the call center industry. I DO NOT belong here!

Why? The people are boring. The culture is boring. I never liked people who work in a call center. They're all but a bunch of TRAINED (to speak English well) undergrads / grads who want to receive a hefty paycheck and smoke out during breaks until they have lungs like Constantine's.

Yah, probably 30% of these people have better reasons why they want to work in a call center. You'll know once you hear them speak and act in public.

I BELONG AT HOME with my baby.
So what am I waiting for? Why shouldn't I resign now?
I will... Don't worry, I will.

In the soonest possible time / chance I get.
As soon as I get my __th ___th __y.
Get it?


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