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16 October 2007

Baby Shop

Last week, before heading for work i went to Metro Department Store to look for some stuff i can buy for Little Nicky.

Here they are:

I finally bought a teether because she keeps on eating her fingers. And i think it's about time, she bites me every single time she feeds. Cute teether, eh?

Price: Php 170 (i think?)

And another teether for substitute. Looks yummy!
Price: Php 170 (i think?)

And the most important from my mini-haul, mosquito repellant cream/lotion! Lately, i noticed she has a lot of mosquito bites on her legs. Poor bebi. Hope this one works.
Price: Php 380
*And yah, that's organic mother's milk tea. I drink it everytime i feel like i dont have "breastfeeding breasts" They're not engorged at all! With this tea, as long as im not stressed out with work, i feel my milk coming in after a few hours.
I love shopping for baby products!

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