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11 October 2007

Did You Know...

Did you know that the La Leche League Philippines President is my boss?

So she gave me this:
A baller ID with embossed statements:; on the other side it says, Helping mothers breastfeed.

Haha.. She's a graduate of Assumption High School, San Lorenzo and she is now the VP for HR here in TELUS International Philippines.

None other than, Cris Rosenthal.

The future is friendly.
TELUS' tagline


jencc said...

hey, cris is with telus na! last i heard it was still ambergrys (did i spell that right?)

please say hi from jen!

LiLLy said...

hi jen! yeeh, we're with the same company. She's my boss. :)
TELUS is formerly ambergris.
sure, will tell her you said hi.
she saw me slinging Nicky and she was happy.