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22 October 2007

I Nursed Someone Else's Baby!

This morning, my sister went back to her work after a 78-day maternity leave.
Naturally, she left her baby in our house with the yaya and my parents.
I was sleeping with Nicky on our bed and can't stop hearing Vamee's (the baby) cries. Just like Nicky, she refused every bottle and nipple available at home. My mom tried giving her expressed breastmilk, Enfalac Lactose-free, and Nan HA. She still won't accept the bottle.

So i tried what i never thought of doing in my entire life...

I tried to breastfeed my niece!
I was so hesitant at first, i was afraid of what i might feel.

I closed my eyes (promise!) as i brought her mouth to my breast and waited for her response.
She sucked! As if i was her mother. She sucked until she dozed off to sleep. She cried for 4 hours straight, by the way.

At first, it felt really eew. I can't imagine that i can and that i am actually nursing two babies.
Second i felt, i was scared that Nicky might see me feeding another baby. What would she feel? What would she think? What must i react?

So i told my dad to carry Nicky and bring her out of the room or at least not let her see me.

I can't wait for Vamee to finish feeding so i can be with Nicky again. I feel like a lot of time is being lost between us.

I don't know if i'll ever be able to do it again...


dharmadreams said...

wow i cant believe you did it! i honestly cant breastfeed someone else's baby. Cheers to you!

Poor baby girl... is she also high need? Maybe your sis wants to join the support group too? Hehe

jencc said...

hey! amazing! i don't know if i could have done that (actually i think i could, i would not have been able to stand the cries. =( )

BY NATURE said...

wow! that was really nice of you, lil! hmm...i think i could also do that if the child's mommy would ask me to (but just to my own nieces and nephews :).

LiLLy said...

Monica, Jen, Darlene

yes, until now i still can't believe it that i was able to do that. i honestly think that i can do it again.
it feels good that i can pacify a baby other than my own. as long as nicky won't see me doing it! :)