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31 October 2007

Indigo Manila ver. 2

So I purchased several products from these yummy mummies under their bath and body line. I was able to meet up with them last Saturday in Rockwell and saw their adorable babies!
Items I bought:

Used this the moment we got home. My baby was so hyper, she seemed like she didn't want to go to sleep. The moment i massaged her, like after a few minutes, she calmed down and asked for milk and dozed off to sleep. Plus I love it when she looks at me everytime i give her a massage. Love the scent as well!


I originally bought an insect repellant from Chicco worth Php350+, yes it was effective but it leaves a sticky feeling AND it DOES NOT smell good. My parents would always complain about the scent. Saying "hindi na amoy-baby si Monica". Good thing, Indigo Manila has this product. I applied it on my baby's skin and it works just like Chicco minus the high tag price, the sticky icky feeling, the pungent odor. I love it!


Milky Bath Bar
I love soaps more than shampoo. So i just had two buy their two soap variants. Milky bath bar is made from goat's milk and acts as a moisturizer for the baby's skin.
I'm really impressed with this bar. It gives immediate results and again, it's all-natural. Before (take note: before), i use Cetaphil and/or Dove Baby for Monica. But for some reason, she has very dry skin. According to her pedia, she has sensitive skin because her dry skin is caused by her saliva that comes into contact with her chin, neck, and chest.
This product arrived just in time! Sunday, after giving Monica a bath with Dove Baby, i saw her skin super dry that it felt rough already. Hindi pang-baby. So i gave her another bath and used Milky Bath Bar. I was surprised to see after bath that her skin is more moisturized and she had lesser scratching on dry areas of her skin.
Sunshine Baby Soap
I haven't tried this but I'm sure it's as promising as the other products i purchased!
I have nothing but raves and praises for Indigo Manila's products!


dharmadreams said...

Hey lovely,

Thanks for the write up :)

LiLLy said...

No prob!