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04 October 2007

Iphone.. Here I Come!

When the news was first released that Apple will be releasing their first-ever phone (!), i knew i MUST have it. Even if iI didn't have an idea with the features.

Of course i visited the website and fell in love with the features:
  • touch screen with stylus
  • 8gb capacity
  • 2MP camera
  • video streaming
  • Wi-Fi enabled
Well, okay, it functions just like any other high-end phone. BUT it's made by APPLE!

So fast forward to now, I was able to find a multiply seller who exclusively sells Apple products directly shipped from the US. She's selling it for Php 26,000, that's for the 8gb model. But then, before i can use it, i have to bring it to Greenhills to have it unlocked for a whopping Php 4000!!!

Excited me told husband about it and he gave me the sweetest reply: What are you waiting for?! BUY IT! Ahahahaha!!! He said it will be his "pasalubong" for me. Yipee!

I'm so excited!

I love my husband to bits! He gives me everything i want and need--and that does not only apply for material things.

1 comment:

BY NATURE said...

that's so sweet! hope you get your new phone gadget soon :).