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08 October 2007


Yes, i get "seizures" everytime I see something i want (not need) in the mall or online.
This time, I experienced it again!
So i was searching online for the best deals on Maclaren strollers.
Remember my post here?

So, anyway, i randomly clicked on the search results and to my surprise (literally), i found this from Barebabies

My initial reaction was: WAAHHH!!!!
I almost fell from my seat!
I love Lacoste and I love Maclaren too!
But at $400?
It surely is a luxury but I can't control myself from purchasing this.

They only released a thousand units and each stroller comes with a pique Lacoste onesie and a hat. The stroller has the standard features of a Maclaren.

I told my hubby about it who is a Lacoste fanatic also, and he went crazy!

Konti na lang, bibigay na 'ko. HeeHee

Seizures defined as:
  • A person having a seizure may abruptly "freeze," fall and shake violently, or simply fall down. ..
  • Episodes of uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain. These abnormal electrical disturbances may lead to involuntary jerking, spasms, or rhythmic contraction and relaxation of certain muscle groups and impaired control of involuntary functions such as breathing or bladder or bowel control. ...
  • abnormal activity of nerve cells in the brain causing strange sensations, emotions, and behavior, or sometimes convulsions, muscle spasms, and loss of consciousness.

** I'm a graduate of Psychology *wink*

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