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10 November 2007

Ellennia Abella-Lucewo

You read that right, LuceWo. It's supposed to be LuceRo. But my 3 year old niece is so slang she pronounces it with a W. Dora becomes Dowa. Yaya Nora becomes Yaya Nowa. BUT she can say Dowa the exploReR. Everytime I would correct her Yaya Nowa, she gets mad/pikon. She would say "No 'ta Lil, it's Yaya Noh-wa! Nowa! Nowa!"

Meet Nia, the first apo in the family, my first niece. We raised her in such a way that she would only speak English. Why? I don't really know. Maybe because we were never raised to speak EXCLUSIVE English; although we were trained to speak it during our childhood. Also, we didn't want her to learn not-so kind Tagalog words or Visaya terms since all our househelp(s) come from the South.

I, being the youngest for 20 years, resented her arrival three years ago. I never talked or played with her during her first 4 months. I didn't like it. I hated her cries and that everyone's attention was on her. But she's just too cute to resist!

Before, she could only imitate the sounds animals make and we were so proud of her and that she can point who's 'ta Lil, 'ta Leics, etc.

Now at three, she has an advanced (i think) way of thinking and that would include talking to people.

Let me share with you a conversation she had with her Mom while in the car on our way to our house.

Nia: Mommy, we're going to Mommyo's house, right?
Mom: Yes, just like what we always do every morning. I will drop you and Vamee off then i'll go to work.
Nia: Just like every morning?
Mom: Yes.
Nia: But why?
Mom: Because i have work, remember?
Nia: A work? That's Daddy.
Mom: Yes, but i have a job too. I just went on vacation because i gave birth to your baby sister.
Nia: Mommy, what type of job?
Mom: I sell houses.
Nia: Doll houses?
Mom: No, real houses.
Nia: Real houses?
Mom: Yes, what about you, do you want to sell houses too?
Nia: Nah, i'm just a kid.

*yes, she said nah.

That's how she talks. We adore her for that. And yes, I'm a proud Tita. I taught her a lost of stuff while her Mom is not around.

She has more impressive and funny (but with sense) lines.. I'm gonna post them soon--when time permits.

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