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17 December 2007

It's Finally Happening

Yes, finally, after months of debating with myself, I have come to a final decision...

And I am feeling my best!
Since the husband arrived 2 weeks ago, we've been talking about this life-changing decision endlessly. I guess I'm really just lucky that he allows me to do everything I want to do as long as I can justify it. He has never let me down. (Yipee!)
So, on one of our showers, we came up with the final decision. For me to resign. since our world now revolves around Monica and our sweet dreams to spend our whole lives together.
I'm just too bad that I went on leave for three days last week just because I don't feel like working and I want to laze around at home with the complete Abella, Lucero, Castillo, and Cruz bunch. And last Friday, I talked to my officemate already and informed her about my decision.
I cried, yes, but I feel like it was more of because, I was finally able to say it after waiting for 6 months to be in that situation. I felt relieved, as a matter of fact. I felt so light.
Monday, I gave my resignation letter to our Director and he was surprised to hear it. He didn't want me to go. Saying that I could have been promoted if only I didn't take my maternity leave.
I knew that too. But no way will I trade little Monica over promotion. No eFi'n way!
The Director was kind enough to offer me a part-time job just so I won't leave the company. Naks. It feels good that I am treasured by the office when a dozen others are begging for the job I have.
Let's just see what's next..
Last day would be December 21, 2007!

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