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10 December 2007

KE623, November 25, 2007

Flight Korean Air 623 will arrive at 1105 PM

After almost 10 months of waiting, we'll finally see each other again! And he'll finally be able to see and carry our little one.

At exactly 10PM, I left the house with Monica and went to the airport. I was so excited that my hands were shaking and sweating even if it was windy then. My heart was beating so fast. In my head, I was praying that no last-minute mishaps will happen. From time to time, I would get calls from my sisters and my mother asking if the plane landed already. Later found out that they were actually in the area but couldn't park because the lot was jampacked!

So I was staring at the TV monitors checking if the plane has landed already or if it will be delayed. Then I got a text: Landed already. Aaahhh!!!!

Yehey! He's really here na! As in, in Philippine soil! Then the flight status on the monitor changed. Happiness is beyond words!

Replied to his text advising him to rush his way to the immigration since there are a lot of people. True enough, it took him 45 minutes before he came out. Ok na rin, basta he's home!

Forgive me for being a typical Pinay/ wife of a seaman, but I was one of those who would look at the TV monitor to see if the balikbayan is on his way out already. Then the TV busted! How else would I know if he's there waiting already?!

Minutes later, my phone rang. It's him! It's really, really, really him! I answered, of course. So I ran (literally) to the gate with Monica sleeping in the sling and looked at the other side while he was telling me on the phone that he's there right across. Bliss!

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