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11 September 2008


I was recently diagnosed to have slight astigmatism.

So that explains why my head aches everytime in front of the laptop. One time, I couldn't open my eyes, if i would, little light hurts my eyes. I experience blurry vision and it was painful.

Definitely not in the budget, I had to buy eyeglasses.

I never thought frames were expensive. I told myself years ago that if I had to wear specs, it can only be white, red or black.

There were no available white frames in Sarabia Optical in G4. I tried on red, and I looked too fierce. More like a vixen. I didn't like that.
Had no choice but go for black.
Don't ask how much, it was expensive. I could have bought 2 pairs of Aldo Shoes or 2 pairs of jeans from Mango. Or probably a semi-formal dress from Zara.

I still have to get used to it. I refrain from wearing it when I'm not glued to the laptop. But I was told that if I wanted to correct my vision, I have to wear it all the time.


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