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21 September 2008

Hip Hop Abs and Time

I have "officially" started my efforts to regain my pre-pregnancy weight. 

100 lbs.  Yes, I want to be 10 lbs. underweight for my height.  It's harder to lose pounds than gain them, so it's best for me to be underweight.  AND, I want to pressure myself to achieve this weight.

Daytime workout just won't work for me.  Not because Mateo is sleeping, that means I'm free already.  In fact, I'm more occupied because I have to spend time with Monica.  When Mateo wakes up after a few hours, then I switch back to him.  Imagine that.  

Most of the time, when I'm nursing Mateo, Monica would pull my hand and bring me to wherever she wants to go.  Like if she wants to just walk around the house, to ask for water, to ask for food, anything! She won't let go of my hand even if I'm carrying Mateo.  So, literally, I've got my two hands full!

Back to workout, my schedule is every, guess when, every midnight!  Just about after the 2 babies sleep.  BUT in between, Mateo would ask for milk OR Monica would wake up because she gets itchy.

In short, putol-putol. And I don't have a time of my own!  Not even when I'm taking a bath because I always have to rush just in case Mateo cries or vomits (yes, he has reflux just like Monica) OR Monica would go banging, not knocking, on the door, insisting she'd go in and play in the tub.  Ayos na ayos ang buhay ko.

Current weight:
121 lbs.

Target date of SUCCESS:
Last week of October to mid-November


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