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18 September 2008

I Needed This

Finally! I got my much-needed haircut.
After 9 months, I managed to drag myself to a salon forgetting about my doubts. That would include if I will be able to take care of a newborn once I get a haircut (read: bangs).
I needed to feel young and beautiful (naks! only when my hair is blow-dried. hehehe) and I didn't care how much I will spend (ok, fine, I did care. But only a little); I looked at it as a reward for myself.
What really pushed me to have a haircut was when I took a look at my not-so-distant past photos.
Here it is:

And because I've deprived myself too long, I decided to go extreme (sort of), something I have done before and loved it!

I told the stylist to cut my bangs short and straight.
And since babylove will be coming home real soon, my bangs will be long enough to be side swept. A style I've loved since 2001.
So, I've had 2 hair styles in a month. Perfect!

I also plan to color my hair, similar to that once picture in the slide.

Anyway, here is the outcome of my Php 700 haircut from H Salon (Level 4 Glorietta 4) by senior stylist Lita Glory (o di ba, splurge mayor! ^_^)

As usual, I get OC whenever I get bangs. It's either I want them thicker or shorter AFTER the haircut. This time, I've done both.
And I'm happy about it.

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