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26 September 2008

Just A Thought

If there was one thing that motherhood changed, that would be..

My sisters and I are now closer than ever before.

I remember when I was younger, we never had something in common. We'd even fight most of the time. Blame it on the age gap. While they were 2 years apart, I was 8 years younger than the one before me. I had a lot of secrets back then. I was the typical teener who confided in friends. But I wouldn't say I was rebel.

There were times when we had nothing to talk about while in the car. Nothing in common. Not in the same wavelength. While I thought I can adapt with them, I didn't think they can understand me.

Now, things have changed.

We have more stuff in common.
More issues to talk about.
More similarities.

We find ourselves talking non-stop whenever three of us sisters are together.
We rarely fight.

Finally, I can call us a family.

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