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26 October 2008

Countdown to Happiness

Few more days and the greatest love of my life will be home once again.

No flight details yet but I know it'll be soon.

I'm getting all excited and dreamy about it.  Here I go again.

It was just last year when I blogged about the same thing. I remember fearing Monica's reaction towards her father.

Hahaha. Now, I have another baby in tow.  But still the same, I fear for Monica's reaction. 

My daughter has such a complex personality.  SHe is totally unlike other kids.  She's sort of unpredictable but not really.  I may have not lacked showing her pictures and videos of her father, stories about her father, but I know those won't be enough for her not to be scared of him.

But just the same, I am ecstatic!

Bliss bliss bliss
Love love love
Peace peace peace

They're all mine.. SOON!

1 comment:

Vannie said...

Don't worry, i feared that too when hubby was about to come home. it really was a surprise when eanna went with her dad, with very little difficulty. surprise because eanna only lets herself get carried by me or by her yaya.

have fun and enjoy your time as a complete family!