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05 January 2009

Happy New Year!

How did you spend yours?

If you are not yet married but you have a partner, please take a moment to ask your partner how you plan to spend the holidays once you get married.  Where will you spend Christmases and New Years.

Because us, we never got around to talking about that in the 6 years that we were together as young lovers.  Now we're married, we don't fight about it (thank God) and it doesn't cause any friction between us but it brings about uneasiness for both of us.  We become indecisive.

He wanted to spend the New Year with his family which I totally understand since he won't be here next year.  I told him that and I also said that should we celebrate it there, I will feel sad.  He understood me just the same.  

We couldn't decide, too scared to hurt each other and out of respect for each other.  I was really willing to do bato-bato-pik.  Let the event take its own course.

In the end, we compromised. We'll spend few hours in their house and be back in ours right before clock strikes 12 and back at their place right after the fireworks o he can drink with his relatives and we spend the night there.

Problem solved!

It was a peaceful and a happy new year!

1 comment:

Frances said...

With V and me, it was pretty easy! Since he's the bunso (and the last to get married), all his sibs have babies so the result is all parties of his family are early so the exhausted parents can go home by 9 PM. My family--even the kids!--we're all insomniacs. So after the hubby's family gathering, we troop to my family--all wide awake! Yey!