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15 January 2009

Some Phat Clothing

I've just mentioned in my earlier post that superstars put up their own clothing brands.This led me to research or to find out more about a brand that has always been in the limelight since it started; with all the knock offs you can find in local "tiangges" especially in Greenhills.

That brand would be Baby Phat.  They have the signature Baby Phat Jacket">Baby Phat Jacket.  You won't miss it, it's the brand that has a signature cat insignia.Just like Juicy Couture, it also is famous for its sweat pants.

One look at their website, it's set in black and purple tones-- very classy. Far from the conception of most people that the clothes are too trendy bordering to trashy. The shirts range from basic signature tees to dressy tops. From white to a blend of lively colors but not loud. 

Baby Phat has a wide range of shirts, jackets, pants, jeans, outerwear, dresses, and even lingerie.  The bags usually are hobo, satchel and crossbody styles--still not losing the signature cat.
It's good to know that they have plus sizes and what's best is that it has the same price as the regular sized ones.

And for the young moms like me, I would love for my baby and me to wear the same thing. Thanks to Baby Phat, they thought of that. From newborn up until teen years. Maybe that's something I should start doing, buy mommy and baby clothes! Haha.
If I've got more moolah to spend, I'd definitely buy footwear with the matching handbags and some makeup and fragrance.

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