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20 January 2009

Shop 'Til You Drop

I just found a new way to shop and it's so convenient!

Online shopping is the trend nowadays because it's so hassle-free.  No need to dress up and use gasoline just to check whatever you need.  Thing is, you have to know shopping sites that offer you the best possible price.  It's generally easy to shop online but sometimes gets tedious when you try to go through all the results of the products you googled.

ShopWiki is the solution to that.  It works just like google.  It crawls the web for all the products being sold.

I discovered this site just in time because I'm in need of a reliable stair gate because Monica is very persistent in climbing all the staircases here at home.  Even if she has a yaya, I'd still feel secure if there is a gate that she won't be able to open.  
I liked this website too much that I had to check out other baby stuff.
There's a lot to be found here -- some furniture that hopefully would last until Monica and Mateo reach their school age.

And if I were to have another baby (not anytime soon), I'd definitely check out these changing tables.  Then it would be such a breeze to change diapers.

1 comment:

Frances said...

aha, another convert! i love online shopping, too!