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09 January 2009

Unboxing my Christmas Present

Christmas 2008 was just as dramatic as Christmas 2007.

I was the star of the night last year.  This year, I wasn't the only one.
My sister gave her husband an ORIS watch that it brought him to tears.
My other sister received her LV Batignolles vertical in advance.
My mom gave my father Moto Q9h.
My father gave her a set of diamonds which made my mom cry and gave her a lot of raffle coupons.
I gave the love of my life a pair of Lacoste loafers.  The one that he so wanted to buy but didn't have the courage to do so.
And he gave me this:
I didn't expect he'd be giving me this one.  I was "feeling" that he'd give me an iphone since he gave me a macbook last year.

I like it just as much.
I have no plans (as of now) to buy any high end lens (is that what you call it?) for this.  I really just wanted a DSLR.  That's it.
I used to want to enroll in a photography class, but don't see myself doing that anytime soon.
I just want to take pictures of my babies and other mundane things.

Another wish granted. By my benefactor.

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-sphinxs- said...

So here is another Photo Enthusiasts...It's always great to find one who share the interest. Blog Hopping!