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16 February 2009

The Best Advice

Feminine hygiene is very important for me and I think for most women (i hope).

I've tried several brands. But I used Carefree the longest because it seemed to me that it was the most effective product. I especially liked the packaging and its claim to have tea tree for added protection. I used it after giving birth with Monica.

On my own observation, Lactacyd was too strong for me, the scent and the solution. It seems to be more like medicine. Ph Care was too fragrant, period.

When I met my sister's OB, Dr. Annebelle Aherrera, she recommended that I use her product, Gyne Fresh. She formulated it, that's what she said.

I tried it, Php 100 for a 100ml bottle.

I LOVE IT! It's fragrance-free so i guess it works best with the natural female scent. It doesn't feel sticky. It doesn't make me dry.
The husband loves it. He doesn't want me to use any other feminine wash.

It's not sold commercially, which is good (i think).
You can buy it from her clinic in Makati Med or Medical City.

And no, you don't have to be her client for you to buy.

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