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10 February 2009


After several weeks of having a faulty broadband, I am BACK!

After countless calls and fights with Globe CSRs, an onsite technician came.

What's new?
The husband is very busy with his review everyday for the upcoming licensure exams on Feb 21-22. I hope he'll pass. He's been studying real hard. He deserves it.

Mateo is now half a year. Extermely malikot. I'm just a bit sad and getting used to him being a bit impatient. Especially when eating, since his grip is not that firm yet, he cries when the food drops. But he's such a good boy. I sometimes feel like I don't deserve him. Hahaha.

As for Monica, my little girl is growing up too fast. Just a week ago, she started her three-word sentences. I get so emotional every time.
"Daddy, get it"
Mommy, water please"
"Love you mommy / daddy / toto"
The list goes on and on.

She loves playing pretend.
"Mommy, bye"
I say, where are you going.
She says, "Hasheet, shopping" That's high street, by the way.
"Money please, Mommy. Grocery." Hahaha

She likes playing with words.
Water is watatata
Cotton is cottonana
Mommy is mommymimi

She does that when she tries to tease me.

I love my baby girl to death.
Even if she still won't ride her stroller.
She still doesn't watch tv. She can only last 10 minutes watching Barney.
All day long, she just runs around.

Turning two in a few months. I'm still not decided how to celebrate it.

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