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16 March 2009

CROCS Mega Sale

Last night, in a spur of the moment, Norvz and I decided to check out the Crocs Mega Sale in Ortigas. No plans of buying us a pair, just for the kids.

Hell! It was a total riot when we got there past 8pm.
The whole tent was filled with piles and mountains of boxes filled with Crocs.

People rummaging through the boxes. Most were scavenging through "hills" of Crocs. Some instances you would have to look for the other pair. It was chaotic but Ia ctually found it fun. Haha. It was fun, i think because we knew what we wanted to buy, just for kids. It would have been too much of a hassle and irritating if you don't have a particular style in mind.

Paying was harder. There were 3 cashiers for cash payment and I think some 6 cashiers for credit card payments. we lined up for the credit card but after a few minutes thought that the line wasn't moving so we transferred to cash. We only realized it took us longer there when we couldn't see the ones before us back in the credit card lane.
We got home by 1030pm. We were able to buy 4 pairs, 2 cayman for Norvz's pamangkins.
We got mickey mouse cayman for Monica and a camo cayman for the little boy.
Cayman was only Php470 each. Monica's Mickey Mouse was Php 925, pricey noh? Mateo's was just Php 740. Pwede na..


joan said... you have other pictures of the crocs mega sale? actually, the boy in orange shirt is my son looking for my other pair of crocs...hahaha...yeah...really it was so FUN!!! I enjoyed seeing my kids (my eldest in the picture and my twins) digging so hard for the size 6 right pair of my shoes...FUNNY!

LiL said...

i dont have any other picture. sorry. i was in such a hurry thinking what im doing is prohibited.
galeng that you can recognize your son. haha..