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17 March 2009

I Have A Digital Passport

After much hesitation, I finally gave in to my husband's wish. He bought me a 320GB WD My Passport portable hard drive.

I'm still thinking if I should do time machine or i should just manually back up and update my files.

Because I want to delete everything on my Mac, I'm not sure if time machine will allow me to do that.

I haven't used it yet but when I checked its real capacity, it was just a mere 297GB!!

Hello?? 297 GB out of 320GB? That's more than 23GB! The 1st gen Ipod was that size! Kainis!


Vannie said...

hi lil!

actually, the 23GB is for the programs pre-instaleld yata. i also have the MyPassport in bronze. super nice to have yan especially in storing pics and all.

LiL said...

i know but being a mac user, i felt bad because i don't need any of those.