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31 March 2009


Last week, love got sick with a very bad case of flu--he had to be absent for his training. When it was over, we were able to breathe.

Day after, Friday, Mateo had fever (again!). The next day, we went to our pedia for Monica's flu shot and Mateo's check up. Turned out he has sipon and his fever was gone.

Sunday, we heard mass and went straight to Zhu in Fort for dinner. It was a feast! Yummy food, a lot better than North Park. But Zong is better than Zhu, of course. After a good two hours there, we went straight to Starbucks in Fairways Tower.

Monica was having too much fun with her cousins--running around, going up and down on chairs and couches, "reading" magazines. Later on, she said, "Mommy, coffee" Haha! Of course she doesn't drink coffee. She's just really familiar with the place.

We bought her Tall Iced Chocolate instead. She finished half of it.

Around 430am, she woke up and vomited the food she ate from Zhu and the chocolate drink. It was alarming but we thought it was just indigestion.

30 minutes later, she vomited again.
Something is not right.

A few minutes after, she vomited, this time without food just clear fluid but yellow. She vomited 4 more times until 7am.

By then, she was so limp. She can't sit up or talk or move. While all of these were happening, I kept praying that whatever is happening to my dear little girl be transferred to me. By 630am, I called up my mom and asked her to get Monica and Mateo as I was feeling nauseous.

I didn't know if it was because Love and I didn't sleep the whole night, maybe I was hungry. Couple of minutes later, I was vomiting on the floor and all my energy seemed to have dried up.

So I dragged myself up to check on my kids. An hour later, I vomited again.

Energy's gone, I've got no appetite. And Monica's acting totally opposite of her usual self.

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